Monday, February 25, 2013


I have been tricked, and you (probably) have been too. 

Like so many ladies, I am an avid "pinner" on Pinterest. It's great, really! I'm so "inspired" to create new things out of cheap crap laying around my house, and try home remedies before going out and spending zillions of dollars on dishwasher detergent. 

My biggest problem with Pinterest (other than being a huge time waster) is that it has given me a false sense of my own abilities when it comes to crafting. I am not crafty by any means of the word. In fact, I have never even owned a glue gun, let alone a sewing machine! I certainly do not have the ability or patience to dismantle a pallet and revitalize it was a little sanding, hammering, and a splash of paint.

However, Pinterest has tricked me into believing I just haven't explored my creative side. (After all, I am left handed!)This problem is much more pronounced now that Richie and I are tying the knot. Like every other bride in America, I want a unique, heartfelt wedding on a budget. 

So I thought why not? I'll buy a glue gun. 

Here's the other thing that I must mention. I am truly a granny at heart. While Richie would not agree to our house being covered in lace, doilies, or floral tea cups, he has allowed me the liberty to let my true gammaw flourish in our wedding decor. (Thanks, 100 year old barn venue!) We will be throwing a truly splendid affair packed with doilies. 

This is why I felt so confident when I read that there was a simple craft involving doilies, paper lanterns, and tape. How could I go wrong?  

Lazy? Maybe. 
Doilies? Paper Lanterns? Perfect!

I think the real problem happened when I decided to use my fancy new hot glue gun, instead of going back out to the store for double sided tape. The other problem? There was no way this lantern was going to function as a lantern, look at how it just lies flat. However, the biggest problem was the daunting thought of doing 50 of these. Heck, I can't even finish one. 


  1. Saw this on Pinterest Fail and thought I'd send a recommendation.

    I had lanterns at our reception, we had blue, yellow and white eyelet lace lanterns. I got them all on sale for no more than $5 each at my local craft store. The lace ones were nice and no hassle other than hanging them up.

    Good luck with your planning!

  2. Most paper lanterns have internal supports to hold them open. I have a big green one from World Market that has a thin wire rectangle. Maybe yours was missing?


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